South Africa’s film and television industry is thriving, and it didn’t take long for these young actors to become household names. Their on-screen jobs have become extremely lucrative due to their stars’ skyrocketing popularity, even if they were paid less than their real-life counterparts. You’ll find a list below of South Africa’s highest-paid kid performers.

For example, in Scandal, Litlhonolofatso Litlhakanyane plays the role of Tebello.

Rising star Litlhonolofatso “Litlho” Litlhakanyane is best known in South Africa for his role as Tebello in the popular etv soap series Scandal. There’s no denying his legendary position among MP3 player enthusiasts. He plays Seipati’s son, who is 11 years old in the show.

The aspiring actor had numerous unsuccessful auditions before being cast in Scandal, eTV’s breakout smash. Litlhonolofatso has been the center of attention ever since he first appeared in the drama series. His potential earnings from the dram series have been estimated at $2.5 million by certain Mzansi residents.

Many were taken aback by the fact that, depending on how frequently they appear in the film, a young actor can earn as much as R30,000 to R40,000 each week. His acting career has gone from bit part to staple. We can all agree that Litlhonolofatso has become increasingly important in the most recent events.

Lebo, played by Tshaiamo Molobi in Scandal

There is no doubt that he has benefited from his overnight fame. As Lebo on the hit etv drama series Scandal, Tshaiamo Molobi has shot to fame.

Tshaiamo Molobi, as Lefa on Rhythm City, is a household name. Given how well he did in the Lefa role on Rhythm City before the show was canceled owing to low ratings, this is hardly shocking. The actor is prominent in both the established soap Rhythm City and the up-and-coming soap Diep City.

The actor’s extensive resume earns him a sizeable R15,000 every month, which he uses to fund his many artistic endeavors. In his role as Lebo on Scandal, he earns a substantial salary. He earns R20,000 per episode for playing his Diep City character. The young actor has our best wishes for a prosperous and fruitful acting career.

Keletso, played by Karabo Magongwa in House of Zwide

In the hit etv drama series House Of Zwide, rising actor Karabo Magongwa plays the role of Keletso. She shot to fame after being featured in an Oreos commercial. Since the ad has been up, commercial firms have started reaching out to Little Karabo about potential new jobs.

Being an advertisement for multiple firms is the main way she makes money. To top it all off, she earns a substantial salary for her role as Keletso on House of Zwize. The primary actor in House Of Zwide makes between R15,000 and $20,000 because it is not a low-budget movie.

Scandal’s KaiAnn Munyaka, as Khanyi

To listen to KaiAnn Munyaka is to experience the summit of all MP3 players. One of the most talented young performers of our time, indeed. The character of Khanyi Jewel Nyathi in the critically acclaimed eTV drama series Scandal has propelled her to fame. The show’s protagonist, Quinton Nyathi, was killed in a vehicle accident, and she is his fictional daughter. The young actress, though, pulls in around R10,000 monthly.

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