If you are an international student looking to study in the UK, the cost of education can be a barrier standing in your way of you achieving your goal. Just like our USA Schools Awarding Aid Database, InternationalStudent.com has compiled a list of universities in the UK that offer financial aid to international students.

If you are a potential international student looking to study in the UK, you might want to try these universities first – as they are known to offer scholarships and aid to incoming international students.

University Name# Int’l StudentsAverage Award
Bournemouth University1,125£1,000
Durham University583£2,000
European Business School, London810£11,100
Imperial College London3,059N/A
Keele University770N/A
King’s College London2,736N/A
Middlesex University – London2,910N/A
Queen Mary, University of London1,659£2,000
Regents Business School London360£2,000
Royal Holloway, University of London915£2,000
School of Oriental and African Studies471N/A
The London School of Economics and Political Science1,677N/A
The University of Brighton1,900£3,000
The University of Dundee1,500£2,000
The University of Sheffield841£2,500
University College For The Creative Arts384N/A
University College London4,477£3,000-£5,000
University of Bath1,176N/A
University of Bristol1,744N/A
University of Buckingham438£1,000
University of Edinburgh3,600N/A
University of Essex1,778N/A
University of Glasgow2,772 
University of Kent1,860N/A
University of Leeds2,880N/A
University of Leicester2,700N/A
University of Liverpool1,950£3,000-£5,000
University of Manchester5,060N/A
University of Nottingham3,600N/A
University of Reading783N/A
University of Southampton765N/A
University of Stirling471£2,000
University of Surrey1,140£500-£1,500
University of Warwick2,380£3,000
University of Westminster2,969N/A
University of York975N/A

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