In a shocking incident, a man in South Africa fainted after receiving a DNA test report confirming that none of his five children was biologically his own.

The South African man, whose identity remains unknown, was left in a state of shock after receiving a phone call while at a petrol station in Ga-Mphaka.

The individual was under the impression that he was well-informed about his family’s lineage; however, he was mistaken.

Upon receiving a distress call, police officials were summoned to the location, and they immediately secured the area by cordoning it off with cautionary tape.

According to reports, the individual received a phone call revealing that three of the five children he had been raising were not biologically his.

The man was driving a Volkswagen Citi Golf at the time of the incident.

MDNews, a well-known platform for gossip and news, captured and shared an image of the distraught man lying next to his car at the petrol station.

Mzansi React after South African man faints

DNA is very important gents


“Women will finish us.”


“Woman are evil bro!.”
“Success is in the effort, so if I really tried my hardest, I’m at peace knowing that God didn’t deal it in his group of cardz for me.”

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