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The Meteoric Rise of Kabza De Small: A Journey from the Streets to Stardom
Kabza De Small, whose real name is Kabelo Motha, has become one of the most celebrated artists in South Africa, thanks in large part to the influence and support of DJ Maphorisa. His story is a testament to resilience, talent, and the power of mentorship in the music industry.

From Humble Beginnings
Before achieving fame, Kabza De Small was an ordinary individual trying to make a living in Johannesburg. Life was not always kind to him, and he often found himself sleeping under bridges and queuing for piece jobs at traffic lights. Despite these challenges, Kabza’s passion for music remained unwavering.

“I was just an ordinary person in Joburg. Of course, my life wasn’t bad, but I used to sleep under the bridge, queuing for piece jobs at traffic lights,” Kabza recalls.

A Turning Point
The turning point in Kabza’s life came when he crossed paths with DJ Maphorisa. Recognizing Kabza’s raw talent and potential, Maphorisa took him under his wing, providing not just guidance but also opportunities to showcase his abilities. This mentorship was pivotal in transforming Kabza from an aspiring artist into a household name in South African music.

“I just thank God, who brought Maphorisa to me. I will never forget him in my life,” says Kabza, expressing his gratitude.

Rising to Stardom
Under Maphorisa’s mentorship, Kabza De Small flourished. Together, they created music that resonated with audiences, blending Amapiano beats with soulful melodies. Their collaborations have not only topped charts but have also redefined the South African music scene.

Kabza’s journey from obscurity to fame is inspirational, demonstrating that with talent, hard work, and the right support, anything is possible. His success is also a reminder of the importance of community and collaboration in the arts.

Gratitude and Acknowledgment
Kabza De Small remains humble and grateful for the support he has received. He extends his thanks to all the artists who have collaborated with him and the fans who have supported him from the beginning.

“Thanks to all the artists and followers, fans who rally behind me,” he says, acknowledging the role of his supporters in his journey.

Looking Ahead
As Kabza De Small continues to rise, his story serves as an inspiration to many young artists who face similar struggles. His success is a beacon of hope, showing that no matter where you start, with determination and the right opportunities, you can achieve greatness.

In Kabza’s own words, his journey is far from over, and with the continued support of his fans and peers, the future looks bright for this talented artist.

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