Molefi Monaisa Returns as Wallet in ‘Skeem Saam’: Fans Celebrate the Iconic Character’s Comeback

Fans of Skeem Saam rejoiced as beloved actor Molefi Monaisa reprised his role as Wallet, making a long-awaited return to the popular educational soapie. Monaisa, who took a hiatus from the show in 2021, is set to bring back his poetic and enigmatic character, much to the delight of viewers.

The announcement of Wallet’s return came through a teaser shared by Skeem Saam on social media, showcasing a mysterious figure clad in a hat and brown jacket, reminiscent of Wallet’s distinctive style. The teaser hinted at a significant development in Turfloop, leaving fans eager to witness the unfolding storyline.

@DitaruMusic tweeted, “It can only be Wallet. Safa yi English. Evelyn, your boyfriend is back!”
@OathKatekani reminisced, “Last night’s episode would have banged with his poems. When Jacoby, Kganyago and Rea were in the van.”
@sizani__ hoped for continuity, stating, “I hope it’s the same Wallet. Y’all like rebooting characters.”
@Ndivhuw76186561 praised the show, “@SkeemSaam3, you guys are on fire the storyline is amazing. Happy to see Wallet back.”
@Solo_nator commended the show’s momentum, “You guys have your foot on that accelerator pedal! Y’all be cooking! Oh, we are about to feast. Oh, Skeem Saam will always be famous sana.”
In addition to Monaisa’s return, Skeem Saam Season 13 will also witness the comeback of veteran actress Harriet Manamela as Meikie Maputla. Manamela, recovering from hip replacement surgery earlier this year, resumes her iconic role, following a temporary portrayal by Florence Masebe.

Fans can anticipate the new season’s premiere on Monday, 1 July, promising fresh storylines and the nostalgic return of cherished characters. As anticipation builds, viewers eagerly await the unfolding drama and the resurgence of familiar faces on their screens.

Stay tuned for more updates and developments from Skeem Saam as Season 13 unfolds with promising twists and turns.

This article captures the excitement surrounding Molefi Monaisa’s return as Wallet in Skeem Saam, alongside the anticipated comeback of Harriet Manamela, as the show prepares for its Season 13 premiere.

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