‘It Could Have Been Worse,’ Says Sophie Ndaba After Being Hospitalized

Actress Sophie Ndaba has been hospitalized after breaking her ankle in a recent accident. The beloved actress took to her timeline on Sunday to share a heartfelt video from her hospital bed, revealing that she had to undergo surgery after a fun golf day with friends turned disastrous.

“Woke up in hospital. One minute I’m walking and one minute, I’ve got a broken ankle. I want to remind you that some storms are not there to break you; I think some storms are there to slow you down. Some storms are there to restructure you,” she said, reflecting on the unexpected turn of events.

Sophie, who has been living with diabetes, expressed her gratitude for being alive, acknowledging that the situation could have been much worse. “When I looked at the process of the operation and the process of putting steel things in my ankle and the process of the cement and crutches being brought to me, I realized life is a process.

I’ve decided to embrace it because when I look at where I’m coming from I’m like, dear Lord, what is a broken ankle? I still have my life, I still have my humour, and I still have so much to be thankful for. So I want to take this opportunity to thank God. It could have been worse.”

Sophie Ndaba has been open about her decade-long battle with diabetes, using her platform to raise awareness about the disease and her daily struggles. In previous interviews, she has spoken out against being labeled an “ailing” person because of her condition.

“It doesn’t matter how high- or low-powered you are. It does not give you the right as a journalist to write a mockery about a person who has trended for years, who has had many obituaries written about her, a person who every day wakes up and struggles with a killer disease that is diabetes. I’m a single mother and my children need me. I don’t need the stress,” she told TshisaLIVE.

Sophie has faced numerous challenges due to her diabetes. Speaking to TshisaLIVE two years ago, she recounted a frightening incident where she blacked out while driving on a suburban road due to high blood sugar levels. “I am diabetic and my sugar levels were very high. I literally passed out. That is why I want to create awareness about the condition. My kids, everyone, were sad. They said: ‘Mom, what if this had happened on the highway?’ It happened on a normal road but the bottom line is the car was wrecked.”

Despite these hardships, Sophie remains resilient and determined to raise awareness about diabetes while managing her health. Her positive outlook and gratitude for life, even in the face of adversity, continue to inspire her fans and followers.

Watch the video of Sophie Ndaba sharing her thoughts from her hospital bed below:

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