Five Things to Know About Nefisa

  1. She is from Soweto

Nefisa Mkhabela, a talented 20-year-old actress, hails from Soweto, Gauteng. She attended Greenside High School in Randburg, Gauteng, where she excelled in cultural studies and earned a certificate in Traditional Dance.

  1. She is Bilingual

Mkhabela is fluent in both English and Sesotho, showcasing her linguistic versatility.

  1. She Starred in ‘Unmarried’

Nefisa made her television debut in 2018 as Mbali in the 1 Magic drama series “Unmarried,” produced by Ferguson Films. Her performance in the series garnered her recognition and praise from viewers.

  1. She is the Niece of Kedebone Mkhabela

Nefisa is related to Rise FM radio personality Kedebone Mkhabela, which adds to her connections within the South African entertainment industry.

  1. She is a Woman of God

Nefisa is deeply spiritual. Upon receiving the role in “House of Zwide,” she immediately fell to her knees to pray, overwhelmed with gratitude. She expressed her disbelief and joy upon getting the job, describing her role on the show as a “dream.”

  1. Social Media Presence

Recently, Nefisa posted a picture on Instagram that garnered a lot of comments from fans. While they lightly teased her for editing and removing her knees in the photo, they unanimously agreed that she is a beauty. Her interaction with fans on social media showcases her popularity and the affection her audience has for her.

These insights into Nefisa Mkhabela’s life highlight her background, talents, personal values, and social media presence, painting a picture of a rising star with deep cultural roots and strong faith.

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