Penny Ntuli Parts Ways with Gagasi FM: A Disheartening Farewell Over Salary Dispute

In a surprising turn of events, Penny Ntuli, a prominent media personality and radio host at Gagasi FM, has announced her departure from the station. Amidst the usual flurry of contract renewals preceding the upcoming season, Ntuli’s decision to bid adieu to her role has stirred discussions across social media platforms.

Having joined the KwaZulu-Natal-based radio station in 2022, Ntuli took to her social media accounts to share a candid letter detailing her departure. In the letter, she addressed various speculations surrounding her exit and candidly expressed her disappointment following her resignation.

The crux of Ntuli’s decision rested on the salary offered to her by Gagasi FM, which fell short of her expectations. She disclosed the contents of her resignation letter, juxtaposing it with the new contract proposal she received. The revelation showcased that she was offered the graveyard shift on Sundays, from 1:00 to 4:00, with a compensation of R711.98 per show.

“While my tenure at Gagasi FM has been fulfilling over the past two years, the proposed salary of R2,800 per month is simply untenable for me,” Ntuli lamented in her resignation letter. “Regrettably, I cannot sustain my livelihood with such remuneration.”

Expressing her gratitude for the opportunities afforded to her during her time at the station, Ntuli emphasized her need to seek better prospects elsewhere to provide for her family. “I must venture forth to explore other avenues that can adequately support my household,” she asserted.

Ntuli further elaborated on her discontent, revealing that she initially accepted the new show offer until learning of the meager compensation attached to it. “The disparity between the offered salary and the value I bring to the station left me feeling disheartened,” she confessed.

In an attempt to address her concerns, Ntuli approached management for a salary review, only to face further disappointment. “During negotiations, my manager hinted at alternative career paths, which significantly undermined my confidence,” she recounted.

Despite her deep-seated affection for radio presenting and her fondness for Gagasi FM, Ntuli made the difficult decision not to renew her contract for the upcoming season. “I wish to clarify that my departure is not driven by another job offer or a lack of enthusiasm for my craft,” she clarified. “It is simply a matter of principle and financial viability.”

As Ntuli bids farewell to Gagasi FM, she leaves behind a legacy of dedication and professionalism, resonating with audiences and colleagues alike. Her departure serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by media personalities in navigating the intricacies of compensation and recognition in the industry.

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