Are Skeem Saam Actors Harriet and Matthews Manamela Related?

Harriet Manamela and Matthews Manamela are two of the most talented actors on SABC 1’s educational soap opera Skeem Saam. Harriet plays the role of ‘Meiki Maputla’, while Matthews portrays the dedicated policeman, ‘Sergeant Babeile’.

Given that they share the same surname, it’s natural for fans to speculate whether Harriet and Matthews might be related. However, it’s important to note that sharing a last name does not necessarily indicate a familial connection. In many cases, people with the same surname are not related, and this seems to be the situation with Harriet and Matthews.

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Harriet Manamela, a 53-year-old actress born in Soweto, is currently married to Buti Manamela, a prominent politician in South Africa. Buti Manamela serves as the Deputy Minister of Science and Technology and Higher Education. Harriet adopted the surname “Manamela” through her marriage to Buti. The couple is reportedly happily married and has two sons, although their names have not been disclosed to the public.

On the other hand, Matthews Manamela is also a married man. He is wed to Maisha Pauline Manamela, a former actress on Skeem Saam. Maisha played the character ‘Sthoko’ from the first to the third season before the role was recast with Innocent Sadiki.

Therefore, despite the shared surname and their prominent roles on the same TV show, Harriet and Matthews Manamela are not related. Their common last name is purely coincidental, and each has their own distinct family and personal background.

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