SABC1’s beloved soap opera, Skeem Saam, has found itself once again refuting false claims regarding the demise of one of its cherished actresses, Lydia Mokgokoloshi, renowned for her portrayal of the beloved character Koko Mantsha.

The misinformation surfaced on June 9th, when a publication known as @SSiTVSA erroneously reported Mokgokoloshi’s passing on Twitter, citing her significant roles in Sepedi drama Bophelo ke Semphekgo and, notably, Skeem Saam.

However, the official Skeem Saam Twitter account swiftly responded, debunking the claim, stating unequivocally: “Hi. Please remove this. This is NOT true.”

This isn’t the first instance of such a false alarm for Mokgokoloshi. In 2021, a fabricated post on a fake and unverified SABC 1 Facebook page erroneously declared her passing, prompting an outpouring of condolences and concern from fans across social media platforms, including Twitter.

The resilient actress, who had taken a break from the show in 2020 due to the demanding shooting schedule, continues to be a valued part of the Skeem Saam ensemble, albeit appearing on screen less frequently. Sumanya Mogola, the soapie’s spokesperson, emphasized that Mokgokoloshi’s reduced on-screen presence is a deliberate effort to ensure her well-being, given her age and the demands of filming.

In July 2021, when faced with yet another false claim of her passing, Mokgokoloshi’s co-stars and the show’s official channels swiftly stepped in to quash the rumors. Actress Makgofe Moagi, who portrays Mokgokoloshi’s on-screen daughter, Charity Ramabu, took to Twitter to affirm her colleague’s vitality, urging restraint and sensitivity in the dissemination of unverified news.

The recurrence of such hoaxes underscores the need for caution and discernment in consuming information online, particularly concerning the well-being of public figures. Fortunately, Mokgokoloshi’s resilience and the vigilance of her colleagues and fans have ensured that the truth prevails, reassuring audiences that Koko Mantsha lives on both on and off the screen.

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