Ranking Mzansi Actors with Room for Improvement in Onscreen Kissing

Did you know that actors sometimes engage in real kisses during TV drama shows? While it’s all part of the act, some actors have been singled out for not quite hitting the mark when it comes to onscreen smooching. Let’s take a closer look at two South African actors who have received criticism for their onscreen kissing skills:

1. Rapulana Seiphemo

Best known for his portrayal of ‘Tau Mohale’ on the popular SABC 1 soapie, Generations, Rapulana Seiphemo later joined Mzansi Magic’s telenovela, The Queen, as Hector Sebata. However, it appears that not all the attention he garnered was positive. Even during his Generations days, whispers circulated about Seiphemo’s less-than-ideal kissing abilities.

Recently, while playing opposite Connie Ferguson’s character, Harriet, in The Queen, viewers took to Mzansi Magic’s social media pages to express their discontent. The comments flooded in, labeling Rapulana Seiphemo as “one of the worst kissers on our TV screens.”

2. Vusi Kunene

Renowned for his role as Jack Mabaso on Generations, Vusi Kunene now graces Etv’s drama series, House of Zwide, as Funani. Fans might recall a previous onscreen kiss between Jack and Tshidi (Letoya Makhene) that caused a stir, with viewers claiming Kunene’s character lacked finesse in the kissing department.

Fast forward to House of Zwide, and the complaints have persisted. Viewers of the show are now pointing fingers at Funani, played by Vusi Kunene, suggesting that he, too, falls into the category of actors who struggle with onscreen kissing.

In the world of television, onscreen chemistry is crucial, and viewers have no qualms about voicing their opinions on actors’ performances. These criticisms, however, serve as a reminder that even the most seasoned actors can find room for improvement, especially when it comes to the delicate art of onscreen kissing.

Lindiwe Speaks On Kissing Nhlamo On #etvScandal Set

“Because Of His Bad Breath, I Always Give Him Breath Mints.” Lindiwe Speaks On Kissing Nhlamo On #etvScandal Set

“Because Of His Bad Breath, I Always Give Him Breath Mints.” Lindiwe Speaks On Kissing Nhlamo On #etvScandal Set

On Scandal!, actress Nomvelo Makhanya (Lindiwe) discusses her on-screen romance with husband Nhlamulo Maseko (Mathews Rantsoma). Lindiwe married a charming boyfriend Nhlamulo, a long-time reformed criminal and forex trader, who lured her into a life of crime. Lindiwe was arrested on her graduation day after cops discovered a card cloning machine in her home.

Because they have known each other since high school, Lindiwe revealed that getting intimate with Nhlamulo has been easy for her. She did say, however, that she had to give him breath mints on a regular basis because of his bad breath.

“Since the first day, I have always been comfortable sharing intimate scenes with Nhlamulo (Mathews) because I have known him offset since our high school days. We agreed to play along with the script and express ourselves in the roles.

Unpleasant Hollywood Kiss Chronicles: Celebs Dish on Awkward On-Screen Smooches

The glitz and glamour of Hollywood often conceal the not-so-glamorous side of on-screen kisses. Celebrities, from Kate Hudson to Jennifer Lawrence, share tales of uncomfortable and sloppy kisses that unfolded behind the scenes. While some kisses are as intense and romantic as they appear on screen, others leave the stars with amusing and cringe-worthy memories.

1. Jennifer Lawrence’s Tipsy Encounter with Chris Pratt

Before filming the first sex scene for “Passengers,” Jennifer Lawrence resorted to drinking to ease the guilt of kissing a married man. The actress, who was with Anna Faris at the time, shared the awkward aftermath of the on-screen kiss.

2. Orlando Bloom’s Uncomfortable Kiss with Zoe Saldana

Orlando Bloom candidly expressed his discomfort kissing Zoe Saldana in the 2004 thriller “Haven.” He revealed that the experience was far from pleasant, emphasizing the awkwardness of on-screen kisses.

3. Jennifer Lopez Rates Her On-Screen Kisses

Jennifer Lopez kept mum on her least favorite on-screen kiss during “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” Later, she ranked Matthew McConaughey, George Clooney, Josh Lucas, and Ryan Guzman from best to worst kisser on the Wendy Williams Show, with surprising results.

4. Zac Efron’s Fishy First Kiss with Kay Panabaker

Zac Efron shared the hilarious story of his first on-screen kiss with Kay Panabaker. A lunch serving of fish before the kissing scene led to unexpected challenges, turning the experience into a memorable and fishy tale.

5. Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried’s “Horrifying” Kiss

Megan Fox confessed to the horror she and Amanda Seyfried felt about their on-screen kiss in “Jennifer’s Body.” While Fox was slightly more comfortable, Seyfried was not excited about filming the scene, adding an extra layer of discomfort.

6. Millie Bobby Brown’s Awkward First Kiss with Finn Wolfhard

Millie Bobby Brown reminisced about her first kiss with Finn Wolfhard on the set of “Stranger Things.” The presence of her family and the lack of preparation made the experience the “most awkward thing in the world.”

7. Eva Mendes’s “Stank Breath Special” for Will Smith

Eva Mendes, nervous about kissing Will Smith in “Hitch,” prepared a “stank breath special” – a tuna fish sandwich with extra onions and Doritos. The unconventional approach left Smith surprised but appreciative, showcasing Mendes’s dedication to the scene.

8. Kristen Stewart’s Challenge with Taylor Lautner

Kristen Stewart found it challenging to kiss Taylor Lautner during the filming of “Eclipse.” The unique dynamic between their characters added an extra layer of nervousness, making the on-screen kiss a memorable and nerve-wracking experience.

9. Thumbs Down for Alec Baldwin’s Kiss with Jennifer Aniston

Alec Baldwin revealed the discomfort he felt during kissing scenes with Jennifer Aniston on “30 Rock.” He described the experience as painful, questioning how other actors managed to endure Aniston’s on-screen kisses.

10. Ashley Tisdale’s Brotherly Kiss with Zac Efron

Ashley Tisdale shared her awkward experience of kissing Zac Efron on “The Suite Life of Zach and Cody.” Describing Efron as a brotherly figure, she recalled the discomfort of the on-screen kiss, highlighting the challenges of maintaining professionalism in a familiar setting.

Conclusion: Tales of Tinseltown Kisses

These anecdotes from Hollywood stars reveal that not every on-screen kiss is a fairy-tale moment. From fishy first kisses to uncomfortable encounters, celebrities share the less glamor.

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